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Sheila reveals a secret...

(Image credit: Cameron L'Estrange)

Susan expresses her dismay over her students not completing their education if the school closes and Sheila snaps - people don't need to finish high school to be successful. Later, Sheila admits she's thought about becoming a mature age student and Susan offers to help her.

Brad and Terese talk to Piper and they're about to part on good terms when Brad mentions dividing their assets as part of their separation. Terese handles it graciously, but it's like a shot to the heart as she realises that her marriage is over.

Aaron sets up the coffee cart to make some money and Nate warns him that the Save Our School stickers on it are misleading. People may think he’s donating the profits to the fighting fund. However, when Susan congratulates him on making such a sizeable donation to the protest, Aaron's forced to hand over the proceeds.

Also, Mark decides to ask Paige how she feels about having kids in the future but when Tyler learns she won't be ready to settle down with kids for a long time, he sets up his brother for a fall.