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Sienna comforts a distraught Nico

Sienna and Nico in Hollyoaks

Sienna rushes to be with her daughter in her time of need in Hollyoaks...

DS Armstrong informs Sienna that the body that’s been found might be Patrick’s. At the police station, Sienna meets Nico, who’s filled with dread that her murderous act is soon to be discovered.

Meanwhile, as Warren relishes in telling Darren, Nancy and Maxine the news, Maxine asks Adam to take Minnie to America for her. In the village, DS Armstrong informs Nancy, Darren and Maxine that Patrick’s death is now a murder investigation and that they’ve found some hair in Patrick’s hand.

At that moment, there’s a flashback to Nancy and Darren taking a strand of hair from a hairbrush in Maxine’s flat to plant on Patrick – but does the hairbrush belong to Sienna, Maxine or Nico?