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Sienna is terrified when baby Seb goes missing in Hollyoaks!

Sienna terrifies Joel and Cleo by playing a cruel trick on them

Sienna is panicked when baby Seb vanishes

Sienna tells Joel she doesn’t want him anywhere near her or baby Sebastian, but she panics when she wakes up from a nap and discovers Seb has vanished!

The distressed mum is terrified but  later discovers her son safe and sound  with Joel in the village.  Once again she tells Joel to stay out of her life and keep his distance, however she’s stunned when she returns home and  also discovers baby Sophie, who Warren snatched, on her doorstep!

Elsewhere, Darren brings Jack back from hospital and Mandy is pleased when Luke seems to have a new lease of life, however her ex  is soon plunged into fresh turmoil when he gets a message from his rapist, Mark Gibbs...