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Sneaky Nick has devastating news for Paul

Paul informs Nick that the Research Centre location is no longer feasible - the council received a more lucrative tender. Karl advises Nick that the only way to get Paul to agree to anything, is to make it worth his while. Heeding his words, Nick doctors Paul's blood test results and claims that after screening the blood Paul donated at the drive, it appears he has leukaemia.

Daniel and Imogen remain trapped in the well and Imogen talks of her love for Daniel and her regret about upsetting Amber. Daniel is understanding but firm, Imogen is not the girl for him. Imogen finds Agnes’s pearl ring but suddenly her asthma flares up and the pair panic.

A broken Amber admits to Josh that she always knew something like this would happen, because no one ever loves her the way she loves them. Josh is gutted that he’s contributed to her terrible self-esteem, and climbs onto the bed with her.

Sky asks Harold to help her with baby number three, due to arrive soon but he’s aware that he will be leaving Madge behind. She tells him she’s fulfilled her purpose, and she’ll be waiting for him when it’s his time. Filled with renewed vigour, Harold sets off on his next adventure.