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Sophie attacks Hannah!

Nate brings in a psychiatrist to assess Sophie and then tells Hannah the psychiatrist wants to transfer Sophie onto a psychiatric ward. When Sophie sees Nate and Hannah talking, she violently attacks Hannah. Hannah tells Nate to go home and get some rest and she’ll organise a sedation order. The next morning, Nate arrives at the hospital to find that Sophie has used the sedative to attack Hannah, who now laying in her hospital bed.

Nate tells Maddy he'll run tests to find out why she had a positive pregnancy test. Upset, Maddy tells Oscar and Josh she isn't pregnant, leaving Josh fuming. Evelyn confronts Maddy, suspecting she made up the pregnancy. Later, Nate tells Maddy she has a mass on her ovaries, which caused the positive pregnancy test, and she may need her ovaries removed.

Sasha continuously bugs Matt to tell her what he's hiding. Frustrated, she tells him Spencer will follow them everywhere until he comes clean. The next day, Sasha apologises for her childish tactics and Matt reveals he's applying for university.