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Ste Hay's on trial for murder in Hollyoaks!

(Image credit: Graham Morris)

Evidence is about to be heard that will prove Ste innocent - or guilty - of Amy Knight's murder...

It's the week Ste's been dreading as he stands trial for the murder of his ex Amy Knight. Good Morning Britain's Kate Garraway reports on the case from the village as Amy's mum Kathy returns. Ryan uses Kyle to get access to Ste in prison before the trial starts and warns him about James's sabotage – will Ste believe him?

The court is adjourned when Ste suffers crippling chest pains – but is everything as it seems? Elsewhere, Ryan and Tegan kiss.

Also, Tony and Diane head to work before their day in court tomorrow only to find Marnie has left them in the lurch. Mandy shows up asking for a job at Nightingale's. Later Diane can see how desperate Mandy is – can she help?