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Ste hits rock bottom

Ste's spent the night asleep outside in the freezing cold after another drugs binge – he's found by Ziggy and Celine, who rush him to hospital. When Ste tells Tegan he hasn't been taking his medication, she fears he could die. Harry's alarmed to see how ill Ste looks and makes Ste promise not to take drugs again. Ste agrees as long as they can be together. Angry Tony interrupts their moment but Harry wants to be with Ste and introduces his dad to his "boyfriend". Later, though, Ste's arrested and Harry has to walk away.

Cameron and Celine make up, and Cameron's delighted when he finds a Christmas card from Peri that's been hand delivered. However, Reenie bursts his bubble when she accidentally reveals it's from Celine. At The Dog, Celine and Tegan are on their work night out when Ziggy dressed as Santa turns up. He tells Tegan how much he loves her, but she wants nothing to do with him after finding him with Ellie. Cameron's furious with Celine about the card – but she tells him to leave her alone.

Also, Reenie gets a letter from Derek's solicitor asking her to go to a will reading, and panics when Porsche gets one too. Later, Porsche finds the ripped up letter from Derek's solicitor. Also, Lockie decides he wants to get Porsche back!