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Steph and Paige square up

Mark's worried when Paige warns him that Steph's out to create an instant family, but when he confronts Steph about Paige's accusation, she refutes it before telling him they might be better off as friends for now. But Paige is jealous and tries to open Mark's eyes to Steph's 'conniving' ways. Her confrontation results in a catfight with Steph in The Waterhole, leaving everyone shocked.

Susan is quick to jump on the revelation that Doug saw Nene on Karl's computer and then tried to make him think he dreamt it. Susan and Karl investigate and find Nene has impersonated Karl in an email and falsified her references in order to cover the fact she was asked to leave her last three hospital positions. Distraught Nene rushes out in disgrace.

Tyler feels bad when his attempts to smooth the waters between Daniel and Imogen all fail – and end up with Daniel deciding to move out of the Brennan house. Tyler tries to warn Imogen, but only succeeds in upsetting her.