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Summer Bay has a new cop!

Ash gets on the wrong side of Summer Bay's new cop

Tori is on edge as she continues to hide Robbo in the garage. Justin tells Tori to tell Ash the truth or he will never forgive her. Tori meets up with Ash and when she sees how obsessed he is with making Robbo pay for Kat's death, she decides to say nothing. Later, Ash runs into Senior Constable Colby Thorne, Summer Bay's new police officer. Ash loses his temper with Colby after seeing him with Kat's necklace and things quickly turn physical. Has Ash gone too far?

After his fight with Ash, Colby gets stuck into his new role by visiting Jasmine and promising to put a stop to her stalker. He then starts pursuing every lead possible to track down Robbo. Will he be successful?

Also, Maggie continues to throw herself into her work and when she receives a phone call from the hospital she declines the call. Later, Roo finds Maggie having a panic attack and calls Ben. Ben takes Maggie home, but Tori has bad news. Maggie has cancer.