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Tasha and Robbie say goodbye
Tasha and Robbie say goodbye (Image credit: five)

Tasha tells Robbie that leaving Summer Bay would be the fresh start they both need, and she would enjoy helping Josie run her retreat in Boston while Robbie can continue his studies at the university. Robbie is reluctant to leave his family, but after much soul searching, tells Tasha he wants to join her for a new life in the USA. But their excitement is short lived when they discover Robbie must sit his SAT exams in order to be enrolled at university in the US by the end of the week. But after discussing their plans, they decide to depart Summer Bay the very next day! Matilda is distraught to learn that Robbie and Tasha are leaving and she’s comforted by Robbie. Meanwhile, Tasha encourages Martha to sort her marital problems out, prompting her to approach Jack and tell him their separation doesn’t have to be forever. Elsewhere, Ric finally listens to Cassie’s explanations about why she’s back with Macca, but acts defensively when she tells him she can see he has some major chemistry with Matilda. After mulling her comments over, Ric visits Matilda and declares his feelings for her. Back at the Beach House, everyone helps Tasha and Robbie prepare to leave and the pair bid the Bay a final heartfelt goodbye. * Screened on RTE, Friday 2nd February *

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