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Terese gives Brad an ultimatum

Terese confronts Brad over Lauren's revelation that they spent a night together, but he's relieved when she chooses to accept nothing happened. But she does deliver an ultimatum. If he keeps anything from her again – anything to do with Lauren – she won't give him the benefit of the doubt. With the line drawn, a faint sense of unease lingers for Brad. 

Paige and Tyler are panicking with the news that Dimato's standover guy will pick up the money they owe this afternoon. Desperate, they continue the hunt for the thief that stole Dimato's money from the well. Tyler has to beg Dimato's guy for more time and when Paige sees Tyler beaten and bruised afterwards she realises they're in serious trouble.

Committed to co-parenting the baby with Josh, Daniel realises that he has no way of supporting Amber and the baby financially. And when Josh pledges to step up for Amber and the baby, Daniel makes a snap decision to sell the bar.