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Tess drops a bombshell on Paddy!

Tess is taken aback when Paddy talks to her about Rhona’s plans for them to adopt a child. Already in deep, having started an affair with teaching assistant Tess, Paddy reels when she reveals she might be pregnant! When the pair later meet to do a test, will the lovers find themselves expecting an unwanted child?

Pollard may have barricaded himself in to his house, but David’s determined to watch out for his troubled dad and has pitched a tent in the garden! After visiting a doctor, who tells David there’s not much he can do to ease Pollard’s grief over losing his wife, David decides he’s going to get Val’s ring back to his dad – whatever it takes.

As Nikhil takes Megan to hospital, he bumps into Jai who wants words with his brother for branding Leyla a gold-digger. Will the Sharmas ever stop fighting?


Sarah Waterfall
Sarah Waterfall

Sarah has been writing about soaps for over 20 years! She’s worked for Hello!, WOMAN, PA News, Closer, TVeasy – and is currently What’s On TV's Soap editor as well as writing for 

She’s interviewed tons of famous people from movie stars to pop stars, TV stars and of course, soap stars. The soaps have always been at the heart of Sarah's work; visiting the sets, getting the goss, and writing about all the soapy shenanigans week in week out, earning her a place on the judging panel for The British Soap Awards in 2017 and 2018 and on the BAFTA TV Awards in 2022 … and the nickname Soapbird!