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The Lovedays' past is revealed

Following Wayne's revelation that 'Lisa' isn't who she says she is - her name's Sonia and the real Lisa Loveday is still out there, we flash back to 2001, as a happy Loveday family have their photo taken. Meanwhile, in the present, Lisa begs Wayne to leave the Lovedays alone. She tries to take Jade with her and it's revealed Jade is her sister. Jade refuses to go with her, thinking she's abandoned her for the Lovedays. Meanwhile, Simone and Louis panic when Zack's rushed to intensive care. Lisa overhears as Simone tells Louis she doesn't deserve children and there's another flashback to the day Lisa was kidnapped, which shows Simone shouting at Lisa for spilling juice on her paperwork.

Back in present day, Zack comes through the worst. Louis tells his unconscious son that Lisa's kidnap wasn't all Simone's fault: the reason he couldn't pick their daughter up was because he was having an affair with one of Simone's colleagues. In the present day, Lisa tells Jade to go back to her foster home and reassures Jade that she's certain the real Lisa is fine...

Then theres a flashback to teenage Lisa and Sonia playing on the beach – they know each other!

Real Lisa tells Sonia that her mum, dad and baby brother (the Lovedays) died in a car crash, which is when Margaret adopted her. She gives Sonia the locket that matches Simone's. Simone, Louis and Lisa are relieved when Zack wakes up, while, on a beach, Margaret calls the real Lisa for dinner.