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The teens plan to help Alf

(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

Roo rushes to Alf's beside when she hears that he's in hospital. Later, doctors tell them that Alf has an irregular heartbeat and he will need to stay in hospital, meaning he will miss the Anzac Day celebrations. When Jett hears this, he and the rest of the students decide to do something special for him.

Maddy is unable to tell Tanya she is moving back home. She tells Oscar that with Alf in hospital she can't leave now, so Oscar says family isn't about blood ties. When Maddy hears this, she tells her mum that she'll be staying in Summer Bay with Roo and Alf.

Ash tells Kyle he has decided to smuggle drugs into prison keep Brax safe. One of Gunno's men shows up with a bag of cash and tells Ash to drop it off tomorrow. Caught off guard, Ash asks Kyle if he can hide the cash at Angelo's but they decide to hide it at the gym - although, Kyle worries this could be a set-up...