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The truth about Jenny dawns on Kevin

Jenny and Jack arrive at their flat in Hull. Jenny makes out to the letting agent that Jack is her son and they have escaped from an unhappy home. Returning home to No 13, Kevin is shocked to find no sign of Jenny or Jack. He gives the police a photo of Jenny while Sophie finds an old online news article about Jenny’s own two-year-old son. Kevin pales when he realises that Jenny’s son was the same age as Jack.

David confirms that he and Kylie are back together, and for Callum’s benefit, David orders Kylie to fetch her belongings and move back in. Kylie kisses him, overwhelmed. Kylie returns to No 8 with her bags, but her joy is short-lived when David explains their reunion is purely for show to get Max from Callum.

Mary informs Julie that Brian’s back in town. When there’s a knock at No 7, she dives for the door, but Dev opens it to a striking-looking woman. Mary and Julie are agog as Dev awkwardly greets Talisa.

Erica can’t help feeling jealous of Carla.