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Tony has a warning for Tracy

As the thug tightens his grip on Tracy, Tony enters the shop and the man is momentarily distracted. Tracy takes the opportunity to knee him in the groin and help herself to the cash in his wallet. Tony warns Tracy she's playing a dangerous game but she remains undeterred. But when we later see Tony meeting up with the thug, it looks like Tracy may have bitten off more than she can chew.

Michael decides it's time he expressed his true feelings for Gail. He gets down on one knee and proposes, but Gail's too shell shocked to answer.

When Lisa tells Leanne, Luke and Steph that Gavin is a cheating scumbag, Steph covers for him, telling Lisa he's left the job. Later, Luke warns him to stay away from his sister but Gavin tells Steph how much he cares about her.

Luke's disappointed when Maria cancels their date because of babysitting problems; while Todd's suspicious when Eva tells Jason she's arranged to meet an old mate.