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Who torched Jason’s van in Corrie?

Jason Grimshaw in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Phelan and Jason watch their van go up in flames

Birthday boy Jason is sent a bank statement confirming that Tony’s money is in his account. When Jason breaks the news to David, Kylie and Gail that the police are convinced Tony was the murderer, Gemma warns him that Callum’s mates will be out for revenge. When Phelan and Eileen find Jason writing out a cheque to David for Max and Lilly’s future, Eileen stops him while Phelan rips up the cheque. Later, Phelan and Jason are shocked to find the van on fire.

Leanne’s touched when Ken offers to lend her the money to set up a new restaurant with Nick. She assures Nick she was only paying lip service to Robert but a bitter Nick gives her short shrift.

Liz arrives back from Spain and is quick to tell Steve to sort things out with Michelle. Under pressure, Steve agrees to try to find Michelle and save his marriage.

Norris is put out when Kirk unwittingly wipes the floor with him in a game of Othello so he buys a complicated board game, convinced it’ll bamboozle Kirk.