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Tracy’s sacked at the B&B

Competitive Val has one thing on her mind at the moment. And that’s getting the Bed & Breakfast put on the map in an upcoming awards event. So Finn and Pollard are surprised to see Tracy get the boot. When Pollard steps in to try to help Val get the B&B sorted, however, he makes even more of a mess as he accidentally hammers a nail through a water pipe!

It’s the aftermath of Lachlan’s assault on Alicia, who’s still totally shaken by the sickening experience. Chrissie allows Lachlan to stay home from school when he complains of feeling poorly. Already concerned about her son, later, Chrissie is sickened to her very core when Lachlan claims he and Alicia have been having a relationship…

Following the ordeal, Alicia clearly isn’t up for a trip away with David. She just wants to stay home and lie low. Meanwhile, for the Kings, a break is exactly what Nicola wants and needs.