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Tracy visits Rob in prison

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Tracy’s taken aback when she receives a visiting order from Rob in prison. In his prison cell Rob tells his cellmate that he wants revenge. Meanwhile, Simon agrees to attend another counselling session on condition Robert goes with him. Tracy’s gutted when Robert sends her a text cancelling their drink and then spots him leaving in a cab with Leanne and Simon. Later, Rob approaches Tracy in the prison visiting room...

In the salon, Nessa prattles on about how she and Ken are entertaining Roy and Cathy for dinner later. Audrey moans to Rita how she regrets letting Nessa get her claws into Ken and wishes she’d been more proactive.

Sarah arrives back from hospital and Gail and Bethany fuss around her. Fed up with their fretting, Sarah announces she’s returning to work.

At Erica’s suggestion, Liz, Erica and Anna agree to attend a Singles Night. When Kate and Billy arrange to meet for a drink after work, Sally forms a plan. In the bistro, Sally drags Billy away and then orders Sophie to keep Kate company.