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Traitor Tom begs a furious Debbie to forgive him in Emmerdale

Emmerdale star Ned Porteous on 'Tom Waterhouse's' shock revelation
(Image credit: ITV)

After stitching Debbie up, Tom pleads with her for forgiveness - first episode of evening

Traitor Tom attempts to grovel to Debbie and ends up sleeping on her doorstep for the entire night but will the fiery Dingle want to listen to his explanations and excuses.

Meanwhile Bob pleads with Brenda to see the twins but she’s still smarting from recent events and hasn't forgiven him.

Elsewhere Liv tells Alex it’s Aaron’s birthday the following day. Will doctor Alex come up with a plan to cheer up the downcast Dingle? Or is Aaron’s birthay in danger of being a damp squib?