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Trevor kidnaps Freddie!

Freddie is missing and tensions are rising over his disappearance. Later, Joe and Lindsey are shocked to discover Trevor has him - is it too late save him?

Ash and Maxine are arrested when the police turn up and they don't have a license. The blonde is horrified when Will tells her it was him who called the police and she tells Anna what he did, leaving Anna worried what the future holds for Ash. Anna demands to see Will and tells him to end things with Ash before it's too late, or she'll reveal what he did to Texas

Carmel and Cindy get drunk together. They wake up the next morning, on the sofa, naked! They can't remember what happened last night, until Holly tells them they were playing strip poker!

Also, Danny is anxious when he realises what Robbie has found out and doesn't turn up to dinner at the McQueen's.