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Tyrone cracks under the pressure

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Roy drives Tyrone, Fiz and Hope to the hospital. While Hope’s wheeled away for her operation, Tyrone’s consumed with money worries. When Tyrone is then short changed by the hospital vending machine, he loses his temper and becomes abusive towards a passing porter. Fiz is horrified while Roy’s concerned.

Kate tries to calm Aidan down by explaining that Johnny made one mistake, but he’s always been a brilliant dad. But Aidan's not having any of it! Meanwhile, Carla admits to Michelle she’s consumed with guilt and dreading the wedding. Michelle urges her to talk to Nick so Carla bites the bullet and tells Nick she can’t marry him!

Kevin calls into the cafe and arranges a date at the bistro with Anna.

Tracy, Todd and Ken prepare for the grand opening of the flower shop. When Asha finds a man’s sock, Mary grabs it, making out it’s hers. Nick’s pleased with a rave review in the paper about the bistro and Robert’s talent.