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Val's estranged daughter arrives
Val's estranged daughter arrives (Image credit: Photographer: Helen Turton)

Diane does a bit of digging with Val in an attempt to find out why she and Sharon are not on speaking terms. Val tells Diane that Sharon stole from her when she was younger and they’ve been estranged ever since. Sharon turns up in the village and Paul regards his half-sister coldly as there are still some unresolved issues from their childhood. Paul orders Sharon to leave the village but Diane takes Sharon aside and suggests that she apologise to Val and make her peace with her. Jo and Andy are finding it a bit of a squeeze staying with Paddy with baby Sarah there as well and Jo tells Andy that they’ll have to find a solution. Jo suggests that the best place for them and the baby is back at Butler’s Farm and tells Andy to evict Katie. Andy is sympathetic to Jo’s feelings but he feels awkward about the situation with Katie and tells Jo he wouldn’t feel right about chucking her out. Viv does her best to look after the babies but she’s finding it a strain being an older mother. Heath is reluctant to settle down and his constant yelling is starting to take its toll. Viv tries her best to palm the babies off onto everybody from Emily to Jamie, with limited success. Viv is furious when she overhears Bob on the baby monitor complaining about her behaviour and she storms out of the Post Office.

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