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Who is Phoebe’s baby daddy?

Phoebe tells Ash that she loves him, even if he is or isn't the father of her baby; although the couple's heart to heart is put on pause when Kyle arrives. The trio get to the hospital and it's revealed that Kyle is the father.

Ash is gutted and heads to the beach - he begins to surf but things take a nasty turn when he hurts himself. Luckily, Hannah is there and patches him up. When Ash returns to the house, he tells Phoebe that their relationship is over. Later, Hannah tells Chris she's always wanted to be a paramedic.

Leah pretends to be the social worker, so John and Marilyn can practice their answers. When the real social worker arrives for her second visit, things are going well, until it's revealed that Marilyn abducted a baby…

Hannah encourages Chris to try being a lifeguard again. So he decides to ask John if there are any vacancies and there is an upcoming position, but Chris must earn his bronze medallion first.