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Who stole sick Jade's charity money?

The Osbornes suspect Alfie took the fundraising money because he’s the only person with a log-in for the website. Marnie feigns shock at the theft but Nathan’s suspicious his mother could be to blame. Tony and Diane are put on the spot when a Consumer Institute officer arrives to take samples of the spirits, while Scott sheepishly looks on, having followed James’s idea to water them down.

Meanwhile, as Nancy finds a note saying: “Pay up Osborne, or you know what’s coming” and accuses Darren of gambling again, Nathan confronts his mum about the missing money and a letter he’s found revealing she’s getting a business loan. Marnie tells him she’s buying a mobile beauty business for Ellie, who’s over the moon. Later, when Nancy questions Darren about the note, he’s forced to admit he stole Jade's money!

As the Nightingales celebrate Ellie’s new business venture, Nathan can't take anymore and tries to hit James... but misses. The Hutch is fined £2,000 for watering down the vodka and Scott confesses. Later, Darren confronts his dad about the blackmail note.

Also, when Zack tells his mum his bad mood is down to 'girl trouble', Simone and Lisa set him up on a dating site. Zack agrees to go on one of the dates – but he’s only doing it to spite Lisa. As he’s about to meet his date, Lisa stops him and they kiss!