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Who's Carly?

Ben is in the woods with Carly – it’s revealed that Carly is Ben's daughter, she's had a drug problem and someone, Ashley, is after her. “Sarah” has been Carly’s code name, while she’s been hiding from Ashley.

As Lockie kidnaps Pete, Cameron turns up just in time and they let him go, but the incident makes Pete more determined to stick around than ever. Pete goads Porsche and it’s the first time we hear they slept together. Pete grabs Porsche and her shirt comes undone just as Reenie and Lockie come home. Pete claims Porsche came on to him and Porsche flees.

Meanwhile, Patrick maliciously teases Sienna about her misfortune with Ben and she storms out to see Dr S’Avage. He comforts Sienna but, while she’s distracted, Dr S’Avage deletes a voicemail from Ben.

Also, Robbie is writing Phoebe's eulogy. He goes in to Hollyoaks High, crying and Nancy comforts him. When Robbie finds a box of Phoebe's things in the garage, he erupts in a fit of rage.