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Will Amber leave Erinsborough?

It's Christmas Day and Josh decides to tell the entire family about Amber's new job. Brad is furious, but Lauren supports Amber’s decision to leave. Brad threatens to call in lawyers so Josh can see his daughter, but secretly Josh is still struggling with fatherhood. Later, Lou and Doug sit Amber and Josh down and they both decide that Amber should take the job offer.

Tyler is determined to get a Christmas Day kiss with Indi. Meanwhile, Indi offers Piper a shoulder to cry on when she complains about her family troubles and vlog. When Tyler and Indi finally get a minute alone, she reveals she has to leave Erinsborough, but the pair makes time for a goodbye kiss.

Doug finally admits his Alzheimer's is getting worse, so he decides to spend Christmas with Pam so they can decide how they'll manage his condition in the future. Before Doug leaves, he urges Lou to sort out his problems, but it might be too late, as someone tried to break into the Turner house and leaves a threatening note.