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Will Ash tell Phoebe that Brax is alive?

Ash tells Ricky and Phoebe that the mystery email in his inbox is from an old friend with a criminal past. Ricky starts to feel unnerved by the conversation, but heads off to meet Nate, unaware that he was going to propose. Kat sneaks into Charlotte's apartment and finds Denny's travel itinerary but, when Ash comes in, Kat hustles him out of the way. Kat knows he's come to speak to Charlotte about Gunno, but he gives nothing away. Afterwards he tracks down Phoebe and admits that Brax is still alive.

Meanwhile, Charlotte looks at Denny's travel itinerary and decides to update her Face Cloud status. Hannah is concerned about Kat's state of mind when she comes home to find her frantically searching through paperwork to prove that Charlotte is a killer.

Also, John and Jett take Skye back to her hometown but a young man from her past brands her a liar. John confronts her and Skye admits she used to lie to cope with her sister's death.