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Will Billie be found guilty of murder?

Billie's trial gets underway and things don't look good. With the prosecutor's strong argument, it's almost certain Billie will be sent to prison for a crime she didn't commit. 

At Charlotte's funeral, Hunter puts on a brave face, but asks his loved ones for space. As he sits on the beach, Andy tells him he knows about the fire and offers to help pin it on Charlotte. Later, he meets with Olivia and, unable to hide his guilt any longer, he admits he burned down Leah and Zac's house.

Later, Phoebe stuns Ash when she admits she still loves him. Billie - who is heading off to bed - interrupts the pair but Phoebe convinces her to stay up and celebrate what could be potentially being her last night of freedom.

The next morning, Leah gives a damning testimony that sees Billie found guilty. Just before she is sentenced, Hunter admits to the entire court, that the fire was his fault!