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Will Brad and Lauren get together?

Lauren arrives to cook dinner for the Willises and she and Brad discuss Amber and Josh's baby dilemma. Brad admits he doesn't want Josh to go through what he did with Paige, and Lauren confesses she feels terrible about her decision all those years ago. The late-night reminiscing leads to them falling asleep together on the lounge – but Lauren spots Susan watching her do what appears to be the walk of shame in the morning...

Brad tells Ezra that Clem's text was from 'Chloe' and the name throws Ezra momentarily – something noticed by Lauren. Lauren later challenges Susan with suspending Brad unfairly, urging her to look more closely into the Clem/Ezra dynamic.

At the Waterhole, Nate struggles with his new role supervising a resentful Sheila. But she convinces Nate that if the pair of them stop feuding and work as a team, they'll trump Ezra's ambitions.

Georgia spots Sonja all dressed up and meeting an unknown woman. On hearing this from Georgia, Toadie's baffled – especially when she comes home and Sonya gets a message. It's the Ziva dating site, from 'Clara': Had fun meeting you – let's do it again soon!