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Will Brad and Terese get back together?

Doug urges Brad to give his marriage another shot, but Brad realises that he can't after recently breaking up with Lauren. Terese has a heart to heart with Sheila and comes to the conclusion that too much has happened to have a happy marriage. With their minds made up, Terese and Brad tell the family their marriage is over.

Lou is left shaken when Lauren says she has bumped into a man claiming to be her father's friend from Cambodia. She encourages Lou to go to the police, but he refuses. Lou believes keeping a low profile will solve his problem, but that idea goes out the window when a fuming Shelia arrives on the doorstep demanding a refund for Buddha statue that hasn't arrived.

Sonya wishes she allowed Steph to return Erinsborough to live a normal life and not judged her for past actions. So when Steph mentions she's house-hunting, Sonya offers her a room at the Rebecchi house.