Will Debbie and Pete’s wedding end in disaster? (VIDEO)

It’s Debbie’s big day but she’s got no idea whether she’ll end up becoming Mrs Barton. With Ross spoiling for a fight since she ended their affair, she’s convinced he’s going to do something to ruin it. Cain, who was meant to be sorting it, admits he hasn’t yet had words with the Barton bad boy leaving Debbie more worried than ever.

Finn Barton, meanwhile, is also spooked. Knowing about the affair, he wants Ross gone but his brother is having none of it. At the church, Finn happens upon Ross’s vengeful handiwork. After a moment’s hesitation, Finn removes the damning USB stick. As the wedding music peals out, Debbie’s relieved as she and Pete exchange their vows. Afterwards, the ceremony, the bride and groom are all smiles. Rodney’s organised a mini fair and the party’s about to begin!

But the happy-ever-after won’t be lasting long. Debbie’s incriminating break up letter she wrote for Pete gets into the wrong hands… Pete’s! Luckily, Debbie manages to intercept it. But her relief is short-lived. As the bride and groom take to the dance floor for the first dance, the pesky USB stick with the incriminating conversation about Debbie and Ross' affair plays out for all to hear. Devoted Pete literally crumbles as his happy-ever-after with the woman he loves is ruined.

Across the other side of the village, Chrissie and Robert’s broken marriage comes to heated head as the betrayed wife and husband row like never before. Furious with Robert, Chrissie torches his beloved car unaware a very drunk Adam has passed out in the car next to it. As the flames spread, the fire soon gets out of control…

Meanwhile, Ross wakes up bound and tied in the back of a van having been knocked out and kidnapped by Cain. Unbeknown to him, Cain has parked the van on the edge of a cliff so as he boots in the doors to get free, he's confronted by a death plunge! After managing not to fall, Ross knows the only way to get free is to jump. He does and is later seen lifeless, lying on a rock in the water. Eventually, however, Ross comes to…

Back in the village, Diane and Val are trapped in a Hall of Mirrors, arguing. And at the scrapyard, Robert's car is engulfed in flames and the fire is spreading. Soon, the car Adam is in has caught light and then, nearby gas canisters explode! As they torpedo into the sky, they catch the helicopter which has come for the bride and groom. A huge explosion sees the helicopter plummet and crash into the village hall…


Sarah Waterfall
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