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Will Johnny finally tell Jenny the truth?

Jenny in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Liz thinks Johnny needs to fess up to Jenny.

Liz is stunned at Jenny’s accusation. Later, when Johnny spots Matthew with Jenny he flies into a jealous rage. Jenny’s horrified will she forgive Johnny?

Sarah confides in Mary that she’s going to have a word with Neil, the friendly police officer who helped Bethany in the past!

Dev heads off to collect the kids, leaving Erica to entertain Kevin. Throwing Kevin a meaningful look, will they be able to resist each other?

Anna confides in Rosie that next to Erica she feels dowdy. In an effort to cheer Anna up, Rosie puts together a mood board of fashion ideas for her. Anna’s touched by her kindness and asserts that she’s going to make things up to Kevin.

Eva and Leanne are determined to bleed Aidan dry. Tracy’s scathing about Adam’s new office and wonders which idiot agreed to act as guarantor. Tracy shows Todd and Billy round the flower shop flat.