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Will Josh survive Tank's attack?

Ash discovers Josh and quickly calls Andy who rushes to the caravan park and sees Josh being put in the ambulance. Meanwhile, Ricky is getting an update on Josh when Ash walks in. He tells Ricky he knows about her and Nate and does everything to put her off. Worried about their blossoming relationship, he decides to get in contact with Brax.

Andy immediately blames Evelyn for Josh's condition and vents his frustration at Dr. Griffin when she tells him that he should consider a donor organ. Later, Andy breaks down in Hannah's arms.

Hannah and Chris discuss Evelyn's teenage romance, when Chris tells Hannah he loves her. Hannah is taken aback and says: "Thank you," before rushing off to work. When she tells Phoebe, it's clear Hannah isn't ready to say those three little words.

Also, Phoebe visits Ricky and urges her to think carefully before making a decision on her relationship with Nate.