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Will Karl and Susan get back together?

Carmel tries to help Susan come up with an idea for a charity event in aid of baby Patrick and when Karl suggests a music gig, the sisters go for it. Karl invites them home to help plan the event and as Susan and her ex work together, her old feelings for him seem to be rekindled. After a dinner in which they revisit old memories and experiences, Karl moves in for a kiss, but Susan pulls away. She's confused and something is holding her back from reconciling with Karl.

Realising Rhys is without his car, Vanessa starts to think that he's behind the charity foundation and the big donation. She confronts him and warns him it won’t change her decision on the wedding, but Rhys continues to deny any involvement.

When Tash brags about her tips Sheila takes it upon herself to try to beat her colleague's record for the day's takings. Tash isn't worried until she sees Sheila's way with the older clientele, so tries to push her towards the younger customers. However, Sheila's even successful there and Tash has to admit defeat. In future they'll pool their tips, which is exactly what Sheila wanted in the first place.