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Will Kyle survive?

Kat turns up at the Share House, as Kyle hasn't checked in at the police station as part of his bail conditions. Ricky and Kat search for Kyle and Ricky finds him unconscious and calls for an ambulance. Kyle is rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with septicaemia.

As Leah, Zac, Oscar, Evelyn and VJ head off to the banquet, Hunter turns up at Alf's and asks to rent a caravan. Alf is suspicious with Hunter's vague answers, but Hunter makes a quick getaway when VJ comes back as he forgot something.

Charlotte goes to the banquet to tell Chris that there's nothing but friendship between them. Chris laughs and tells her that if he had feelings her, she would know about it.

Charlotte spots Hunter at the banquet and tries to calm him down, but Hunter's had enough and, just as Leah and Zac make a speech, Hunter drops a bombshell...