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Will Maddy tell Josh the truth?

Oscar struggles with the idea of fatherhood and Evelyn is furious that Maddy is refusing to have an ultrasound. Maddy reveals to Alf that Josh might not be the father and hits a state of panic when she sees Oscar and Josh talking. She interrupts their conversation and Josh reveals he is dropping out of school to support her. However, Maddy keeps quiet on the paternity of her child.

Marilyn is upset that Jett now sees her as a mother. Irene notices her strange mood at work and tries to comfort her about being a mother figure. To get back on friendly terms with Jett, Marilyn takes him out for pizza. Disturbed by her behaviour, Jett raises his concerns with John.

Seeing how much Oscar is suffering with Maddy's news, Evelyn confronts Maddy. Alf sees the girls' dispute and breaks it up. Later, Maddy talks to Oscar and tells him that the baby isn't his. Realising she is lying, Maddy says that he should keep quiet, so he doesn't have to be responsible for the baby.