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Will Ricky come clean about her miscarriage?

Ricky is minding Harley but being around a baby is bringing back the pain of losing Brax's baby. Casey suggests to Ricky that maybe it is time to tell Brax about the baby and the miscarriage. Finally, Ricky comes clean to Brax.

Chris's horror risotto has frightened away all of Irene's customers. When Irene insists Marilyn take the afternoon off, Marilyn gets an idea: Irene wants to fire Marilyn but can't bring herself to! So Marilyn gives notice to a disappointed Irene. When Alf comes in to buy an army's load of food from the Diner, Irene feels even more hopeless and shuts up shop indefinitely.

Sasha wants to cheer Matt up and takes him back to Irene's house, where he asks to see her bedroom. All Sasha wants is for Matt to open up about how he feels but Matt just wants to fool around. Sasha's not impressed and when Matt kisses her she pulls away. However, he later apologises, he genuinely appreciates her support.

Brax is discharged from hospital but Andy is still angry about finding Josh's baby photo - which is actually of Casey - in Brax's wallet. When Casey tells Brax that Andy was asking him about the photo, Brax starts to worry. He doesn't want Casey to know that his father was Johnny Barrett.