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Will Sienna's secret be revealed?

Tilly begins to connect the dots behind one person's intentions and vows to out the truth, but is she playing with fire? Back at home, Chloe shows Tilly the scan photos she's kept of all her babies. Tilly is confused when she goes to the Osbornes' and sees the exact same photo of Chloe's most recent baby on their fridge. Tilly confronts Chloe about what she found and is horrified to hear the truth about Sienna. She demands that Sienna tell the truth, but Sienna says she'll tell Esther what happened between her and Chloe instead - she saw them kiss! By the time Tilly reaches her girlfriend, Esther already knows.

Desperate, Sienna goes to new extremes to conceal her secret, but will her efforts be in vain? Back at the engagement party, Sienna is the centre of attention and Darren makes a speech. But, their moment is interrupted by a furious Nancy and the return of Tom...

Nancy flies at Sienna, but Jack pulls her away. Sienna wonders why everyone's still staring at her until she looks down and sees her ripped top, exposing her fake baby bump.