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Will unhinged Sienna get her revenge?

Nancy finds Sienna at her flat and when she sees Charlie and Oscar's passports in her hand, the girls fight. Nancy grabs the phone to call the police, but Sienna shoves Nancy and when her head hits the corner of the coffee table, Sienna is left wondering if she's killed her. Sienna waits until Darren falls asleep and takes Oscar. She leads Charlie out of the flat and goes back for Tom. They head to the Roscoes' garage where Tom leaves one of Charlie's toys outside as a clue.

The Osbornes, Maxine, Patrick and Dodger are frantically searching for the children. Patrick's blood boils at Maxine and Dodger's apparent closeness. Darren is on the phone to Sienna, he thinks he's making progress until she asks him if he ever really loved her. Dodger heads to The Dog car park and spots Charlie's toy. He alerts everyone to the garage but panic strikes when they hear an engine running inside.

As the police try to open the garage doors, Sienna reverses out of the building, through the metal shutters. The police close her down and hustle her into a police car. She's hysterical as they drive away and the Osborne's are reunited. Back at the garage, Jack reaches under his car for Charlie's toy and notices blood dripping from the boot...

Everyone's horrified as Nancy is removed, lifeless from Jack's car. She's barely breathing.