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Xanthe discovers the truth

Will Ben believe Xanthe's version of events?

Yashvi's pre-formal party seems to have gone without a hitch, despite Xanthe discovering her tangled web of lies. Just as Yashvi breathes out a sigh of relief, she sees Ben who's livid that Xanthe has branded her a gossip and liar. As Ben starts talking about Yashvi's loyalty, she cracks and tells Ben the truth. How will Ben react and will Xanthe get the apology she deserves?

Knowing that Paige is carrying a torch for Mark, Steph decides to do some digging and find out how serious Mark's relationship is with Elly. As Steph and Mark talk, he admits that he does have feelings for Paige. Now knowing that both Paige and Mark feel the same way about each other, Steph decides to play cupid. However, where does that leave Elly?

Also, Toadie and Sonya are back on track and inches away from cementing their reconciliation. The pair attends Nell's parent-teacher conference feeling connected and united, but they are left devastated when Nell's teacher suggests that Nell is held back from starting school. Knowing that Nell's lack of progress is a result of their family woes, will the pair be able to stay united?