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Xanthe visits Gary in prison

Xanthe and Sheila visit Gary in prison, and Sheila's soon inviting him to come and live with them. Next, Kyle visits Gary and expresses his concern for Xanthe - warning that it's best if Gary stays away. Later, Sheila discovers Gary has been in a fight and his parole has been revoked. Realising he got into the fight on purpose she wonders what Kyle said to his father.

Lyn returns to Erinsborough and is shocked to discover Steph is going into business with Paul. Josh agrees to help Lyn snoop around the Willis house and they find what they're looking for – a cheque from Doug. Lyn confronts Paul and Steph with the cheque and Steph is shocked Paul would stoop so low – to cheat a man with Alzheimer's out of his money...

Imogen's picking up some legal journals from the office when Amanda Fowke asks for access to Toadie's office to do a survey for the Quill Group. But Amy panics when she discovers Amanda was the chief engineer on a shopping centre Kyle and Amy landscaped a few months ago.