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Zac and Leah get married!

Charlotte breaks into Leah and Zac's house and tries on the wedding veil Leah chose not to wear. At the end of her tether, Charlotte makes her way to the wedding ceremony but her appearance doesn't last long as Hunter and Zac drag her away.

Chris is keen for Zac and Leah to enjoy their special day and takes a drunken Irene home. But Irene's behaviour turns violent and she slaps Chris, leaving them both stunned. When Leah arrives to check on Irene, she finally admits it's time to find the child she gave away.

Later, Chris tells Hannah about his run-in with Irene. Hannah plays the dutiful girlfriend, but things turn sour when she finally admits she has feelings for Andy. Chris is crushed and walks away.

Kat is investigating a hair found on Denny's body. When the forensic results arrive, it confirms what she knew - the hair belongs to Charlotte. Next, police break into Charlotte's flat only to see she's gone. Meanwhile, a broken Charlotte is by the ocean reflecting on her actions…