All American season 6 episode 12 recap: Spencer bombs in the NFL Draft

Karimah Westbrook as Grace James and Daniel Ezra as Spencer James on the red carpet for the NFL Draft in All American season 6 episode 12
Karimah Westbrook and Daniel Ezra, All American (Image credit: Troy Harvey/The CW)

In All American season 6 episode 12, "Draft Day," Spencer (Daniel Ezra) is eagerly awaiting to see his NFL dreams come true as it's Draft Week, which ultimately ends with the NFL Draft. Unfortunately, when the time comes for a team to choose him, he finds himself completely devastated by the unexpected outcome. 

Elsewhere, Olivia (Samantha Logan) releases her book to an underwhelming audience, Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) and Layla (Greta Onieogou) talk wedding-day plans and their future as a married couple and Asher (Cody Christian) makes a decision about his career. 

Here's what happened in All American season 6 episode 12. 

Spencer thinks he knows best

Karimah Westbrook as Grace James and Daniel Ezra as Spencer James at the NFL Draft in All American season 6 episode 12

Karimah Westbrook and Daniel Ezra, All American (Image credit: Troy Harvey/The CW)

Spencer tells Olivia he thinks it’s likely St. Louis will draft him since the team has a top-five draft pick and is in need of a wide receiver. After trading some banter about him going to the worst team in the league if his hunch is true, he gifts her a diamond tennis bracelet. Spencer then prepares to leave, but she encourages Spencer to enjoy the quiet moment with her a little longer considering things are about to get hectic for them. Not only is it Draft Week, but she has her official book launch event and Layla and Jordan’s wedding is quickly approaching. 

When Spencer eventually makes it to the James house, he’s still in a generous mood. He looks at some jewelry that was sent for him to wear on the NFL Draft Day red carpet, and lets Dillon (Jalyn Hall) pick out a few things to wear, but presses his little brother from doing too much. As far as Grace (Karimah Westbrook), Spencer gifts her with a brand-new car, citing she can use it to travel to see him play. She’s reluctant to take the gift, noting it isn’t wise to spend money when he hasn’t even signed an NFL contract yet. He replies he just used some of his NIL money in his savings account, and she eventually accepts the gift. 

On day one of NFL Draft week, Spencer meets up with his agent Eric (David Gridley) and immediately gifts him an expensive watch. Eric is also reluctant to accept it, but Spencer assures him that he bought it with money from his savings. 

As Spencer commences to signing autographs, he spots Miles Bright (Chiderah Uzowulu) who he met during the NFL combine. They trade hellos, and immediately afterward, Eric pulls Spencer to the side and encourages the professional hopeful not to think of Miles as a friend but as a competitor. Spencer shrugs off the advice before telling Eric he won’t be able to make the official corporate lunch as he’s going to Olivia’s big book launch. 

Eric stresses the importance of Spencer going to the lunch as owners and cameras will be there, and it may not go over well with the owners if he doesn’t show. Spencer is determined to be there for Olivia and tells Eric to figure it out. Having seen the conversation unfold, Coop (Bre-Z) talks to Eric one-on-one, and advises him not to push Spencer too hard. In return, Eric says he’s trying to make Spencer see if he rubs people the wrong way, he’ll quickly fall in draft prospects. 

Does Jordan choose Asher or Spencer to be his best man? 

Layla and Jordan rehearse their wedding dance, and he flirtatiously goofs off. Layla eventually cracks a smile before pivoting to a serious topic — who will be Jordan’s best man? 

Jordan thought they weren’t selecting a maid of honor or a best man, but Layla counters that Olivia made herself the maid of honor, meaning Jordan needs to choose between Spencer and Asher. While Spencer is like a brother to Jordan, he’s known Asher since grade school. 

Unable to make a decision, Jordan speaks with both men individually but only discovers more pressing things to worry about. Talking to Spencer, Jordan realizes that he and Layla haven’t talked about where they may live after the wedding. Speaking with Asher, Jordan remembers that he and Layla never talked about whether or not they want to have kids. 

However, during a subsequent conversation with Asher, Jordan’s oldest friend gives him a pep talk. Asher assures Jordan that he doesn’t need to be nervous about marrying Layla as she’s always been his endgame and they’ll figure out their future together. The wise words are enough to sway Jordan into asking Asher to be his best man, which he accepts. 

Further lightening Jordan’s mood, Layla shares with him later that she’s actually been looking at places to live after the wedding. Plus, she does want kids one day, but just not soon. 

Olivia’s book launch fiasco

Daniel Ezra and Samantha Logan as Spencer and Olivia hugging in All American season 6

Daniel Ezra and Samantha Logan, All American (Image credit: Troy Harvey/The CW)

At the bookstore signing, things get off to a rocky start as only Olivia's mom and The Vortex are there to support her. She looks absolutely gutted as Spencer walks through the door, and he’s unable to cheer her up. 

A few beats later, Eric walks in with the press. Eric talks Spencer up as having come to the event to support the book about his late mentor, and even gets a random kid in the bookstore to pose for pictures. Spencer isn’t amused by the stunt as it completely overshadows Olivia’s moment. 

After the event, Layla offers to throw Olivia a better book signing, but Olivia politely declines. However, once Olivia is able to shake off the disappointment, she reaches out to publishers on social media for advice and Spencer’s high school girlfriend Kia (Asjha Cooper). Kia manages to set up a book reading for Olivia at an elementary school in Crenshaw that proves to be successful. 

Asher quits 

There’s a new sheriff in town at Coastal, as Coach Edwin (Tripp Pickell) is the new head football coach. Asher tries hard to make a formal introduction, hoping to convince the coach to keep him on staff as an offensive coordinator. When Asher takes the initiative to give Edwin a book profiling the strengths and weaknesses of the players, the coach pretends to be impressed. Unfortunately, Asher would later find the book in the trash. 

Feeling out of place at Coastal now, Asher shares with Jaymee (Miya Horcher) his desire to quit, which she supports.  He eventually makes a call to the first Coach Montes (Alexandra Barreto) he worked for, and he’ll now be on the coaching staff at Beverly Hills High School. 

Spencer’s NFL hopes slip away

Daniel Ezra as Spencer James and Bre-Z as Coop talking in the Baker House in All American season 6 episode 4

Daniel Ezra and Bre-Z, All American (Image credit: Troy Harvey/The CW)

At the beach house, Coop walks in and gives Spencer a pep talk about cutting Eric some slack. She says Eric really does have his best interest at heart. Spencer takes the words to heart and later apologizes to Eric for blowing up on him after Olivia’s book signing. Eric also apologizes for overstepping.

During the official evening ceremony for Draft Day, the commissioner is giving a welcome speech when the general manager of the St. Louis team walks by Spencer’s table and doesn’t acknowledge him, making for an ominous sign. When it’s time for St. Louis to pick their first draftee, Miles is chosen, which shocks Spencer, The Vortex and the commentators. Coop asks Eric to find out what happened, which he leaves to do. 

Spencer’s NFL draft hopes continue to fall as team after team picks other players. When Eric returns to the table, he doesn’t have much to share about why teams are passing over Spencer, but Coop believes he knows something. By the end of the episode, having not been selected by a team, Spencer is officially not a first-round draft pick.

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