EXCLUSIVE: Steve Edge on The Madame Blanc Mysteries season 2 finale and being ‘signed up’ for season 3

Sally Lindsey and Steve Edge as Jean and Dom in The Madame Blanc Mysteries.
Sally Lindsey and Steve Edge as Jean and Dom in The Madame Blanc Mysteries. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Fans of The Madame Blanc Mysteries season 2 are convinced that super sleuth Jean White and her taxi-driver sidekick Dom Hayes belong together. 

But, so far, their lane to love in the sun-dappled Channel 5 drama has been littered with complex crimes, mystifying murders and an unintentional betrayal when Dom (played by Steve Edge) jeopardized one of Jean’s investigations.

In the season two finale, however, the pair grow close again when antiques expert Jean (Sally Lindsay, who writes the show with co-star Sue Vincent, AKA mechanic Gloria Beauchamp) tries to unravel the circumstances surrounding the death of a local perfumer.

Time is of the essence, as Dom’s driver rival Cooper (Avant Strangel) is in the frame for the robbery-gone-wrong. Meanwhile, duplicitous Barbara (Olivia Caffrey) — who was unmasked as the other Mrs White in season one — is busy plotting revenge on our heroine.

Here, in an exclusive interview, Steve Edge gives What To Watch the inside story…

Steve Edge interview for The Madame Blanc Mysteries season 2 finale

Steve, what can you reveal about season 2’s final visit to the fictional French village of Sainte Victoire?

“The series is more episodic this time, but there is still the overarching story of the other Madame Blanc… Barbara is still around and will come into contact with Jean at some point!

“Meanwhile, the main crime is a masked murder. I think Dom’s a little bit pleased that Cooper is under suspicion. He isn’t that keen on Coop!”

Jean and Dom get closer in The Madame Blanc Mysteries.

The French connection. Jean and Dom grow closer in the season 2 finale. (Image credit: Channel 5)

What is it about Cooper that rubs Dom up the wrong way?

“There’s something about him he doesn’t trust. Dom’s taxi business has been suffering since his arrival. But also Dom and Gloria have known each other for years, so he wants to vet her boyfriends and see that she’s okay. 

“It’s lovely to have a bit of tension with another character. The thing about Madame Blanc this year is that, because Alaïs [Lawson] who plays my daughter Claudette wasn’t available, I didn't have a little family unit, so it’s pushed Dom closer to Glo, which is just as nice but in a different way.”

We’d love for Dom and Jean to become a couple. Is that on the cards?

“Well, when Sally originally pitched the show to me, she said, ‘It’s Lovejoy meets Moonlighting.’ It’s antiques, murder, and will-they-won’t-they. We all remember in Moonlighting [the 80s American detective drama starring Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis] that when they did get together, the series ended! 

“So, you’ve got to find a way of keeping it interesting and put obstacles in their path. This series, Dom and Jean had a big falling out [in episode four], so he’s got to make up for that first…”

Is love on the cards for Jean and Dom, seen enjoying each other's company here.

Are Jean and Dom on the verge of embarking on a big love story? (Image credit: Channel 5)

It would be nice to see a wedding one day!

“It would, wouldn’t it? Wedding episodes are always good because you’ve got stag dos and stuff like that. Maybe Judith and Jeremy (played by Sue Holderness and Robin Askwith) could renew their vows and Dom could be the best man!”

Have you had a favourite storyline this year?

“My favorite is episode six when Dom does a bit of making up with Jean and they spend a lot of nights together listening to prog rock! Clive Russell (Game of Thrones, Ripper Street, Better Things) was a brilliant bit of casting. He’s good in everything! He’s a giant as well. I’m 6’3” and he was staring over me!

“We’ve had lovely guests this year - Les Dennis, David Ames, Lee Boardman and Jennifer James. We’ve had a lot of fun nights out!”

Steve Edge with his Benidorm family and friends.

Keeping it in the family. Steve reckons his Benidorm co-stars would fit right in on The Madame Blanc Mysteries. (Image credit: ITV)

Who would be your dream guest star?

“We’ve had so many who’ve been dreamy as it is. But I'd like to see some of my mates come in like Harry Peacock (Star Stories, Toast of London). 

Or Josh Bolt and Julie Graham, who played my son and wife, Rob and Sheron Dawson, in Benidorm. The Dawson family are still very tight! Madame Blanc would be perfect for them. They’re used to hot weather, would love the spirit of everyone mucking in, and they really make me laugh!”

You do love a job in the sun! What are your memories from filming Benidorm?

“The series nine finale [2017] where Madness made an appearance and performed a 20-minute set of songs. My character Billy Dawson was a mad Madness fan, so I was doing the full ska dance, jumping up and down. Inside. In July. 

“When they called ‘cut’ I went into the room where all the aircon vents went and just stood there until I was ready for another take!”

Steve as hospital patient Freddie Archer in Death in Paradise.

Another day in... a hospital bed! Steve as Freddie Archer in Death in Paradise. (Image credit: BBC)

Was your guest role in Death in Paradise in 2021 more relaxed?

[Laughing] “Everyone says it’s a lovely job because it’s two weeks in the Caribbean, you only film for about four days, and get murdered — usually in a mansion because you're a lottery winner. But I was playing a crime buff called Freddie Archer, who had a burst appendix and was in the hospital bed next to Ralf Little’s DI Neville Parker. I didn’t have any days off because I was in every shot. I didn’t see sunlight! 

“But you know, if you don’t get murdered there’s a chance you can come back as a detective — Ralf guest starred in series two. I’ve told Ralf when he’s had enough just to let me know and I’ll be off to Saint Marie!”

We love Madame Blanc’s quirky moments, like those between Jean’s business partner, Charlie, and Dom. Do you enjoy playing those scenes?

“Yes! Charlie Brodeur stares at Dom a little too long! He’s terrified of her. I think there's definitely more to be explored with that. Sanchia [McCormack] and I get on really well. It’s hard for both of us to keep a straight face!”

Jean and Dom in Madeleine, the car, looking perplexed.

Driving force. Madeleine will never be the third wheel in Dom's life. (Image credit: Channel 5.)

What about Dom’s beloved Citroen GS, Madeleine?

“I have a genuine affection for that car. In the show it isn't great on hills. That’s true, but there are loads of other quirks. When you start it you have to wait for about five minutes. If there’s a shot where we need to drive away quickly, it’s warmed for 20 minutes beforehand! 

“Everything about the car is weird! The ignition is below the steering wheel, the handbrake is where the radio would be… everything’s in the wrong place. But it looks great! 

“Chris Evans collects cars and told Sal he loves it and wants to buy it. I was like, over my dead body! It belongs in the show. I don’t want anyone to do it up. The imperfections are what make it perfect.”

Finally, would you like there to be a third season of The Madame Blanc Mysteries?

“Oh yes! I spoke to Sally yesterday and if there is a series three, we’re all signed up. Right now, we don’t know and are just waiting… we have such a ball doing it and hope fans are enjoying the ride!”

The cast of The Madame Blanc Mysteries.

The cast of The Madame Blanc Mysteries are up for more fun in the sun. Fingers crossed for a third series.  (Image credit: Channel 5)

The Madame Blanc Mysteries season 2 finale airs on Thursday, February 9 2023 at 9pm on Channel 5. 

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