'Toast Of Tinseltown': Matt Berry guides us through his comedy as Steven Toast hits Hollywood

'Toast Of Tinseltown' sees Matt Berry as Steven Toast in Hollywood.
'Toast Of Tinseltown' sees Matt Berry as Steven Toast in Hollywood. (Image credit: BBC)

In Toast Of Tinseltown Matt Berry is back as arrogant actor Steven Toast when the BAFTA-winning comedy series switches from Channel 4 to BBC2 on January 4 2022. Previously Toast Of London and now Toast Of Tinseltown, this time fans follow Toast as he moves to Hollywood in an attempt to become a successful movie star. But will he get the recognition he believes he deserves? "Hollywood is a brave new world for Toast," says co-writer Arthur Mathews. "There will be triumphs and tribulations – but mostly tribulations, and indeed humiliations."

So here's more about Toast Of Tinseltown and its star Matt Berry gives an insight to the ideas behind the comedy...

'Toast of Tinseltown' release date

Toast Of Tinseltown starts on Tuesday 4 Jan 2022 at 10pm on BBC2. The whole series will then be available on BBC iPlayer afterwards. We will update on any US or worldwide release dates.

Is there a 'Toast Of Tinseltown' trailer?

Yes the BBC has released a trailer for Toast Of Tinseltown which you can enjoy right here...

'Toast Of Tinseltown' plot

Steven Toast (Matt Berry), actor, voice-over artist and legend of the London theatrical scene, is an angry and frustrated man. After a final, very violent, confrontation with his old nemesis Ray Purchase, he decides to head off for a new life in America, where he's been promised a ‘leading role’ in a major Hollywood franchise movie.

With nowhere to stay, and no contacts in Hollywood — apart from his new agent, Brooke Hooberman — Toast is grateful for an offer of accommodation from a mysterious fellow passenger, called Russ Nightlife (Fred Armisen), who he meets on the flight over. Russ has no friends it seems, apart from Billie (Parks and Recreation actor Rashida Jones), an aide who comes daily to the apartment.

On the road to making it big in America he meets an extremely angry director, becomes a success in a soap opera playing a doctor, bites off the ear of a Hollywood A-lister and gets lost in the desert. He may be out of London, but he’s never out of bad luck.

A 'Toast Of Tinseltown' LA lunch.

A 'Toast Of Tinseltown' Los Angeles lunch. (Image credit: BBC)

Interview: Matt Berry on 'Toast of Tinseltown'

Matt Berry says: "Toast Of Tinseltown sees Steven Toast sent to LA due to another actor not being available. That ‘wrong guy’ vibe pretty much sums up his whole experience 

Can we expect to see series regulars like Clem Fandango and Ray Purchase?
Matt says: "You can expect to see all the regulars."

Toast Of London had a number of celebrity cameos over the three series, what cameos can we look forward to in the new series?
Matt says: "I shouldn’t really give them away due to plot and effect but, we always try to not just bolt a celebrity into the show for the sake of it, so hopefully all the choices will make sense, as well as satisfy."

What was the inspiration behind Toast Of Tinseltown?
Matt says: "The main inspiration was to take Toast out of his/our comfort zone and plonk him somewhere unfamiliar, with a new set of characters and situations with all the difficulties they create."

How did it feel to be back writing for Toast again?
Matt says: "I always feel honoured to write with Arthur as he’s not only been someone whom I’ve always greatly admired, but has, over the years, become someone who’s technique and problem-solving skills I’ve adopted, and are now very much part of my approach for all writing. It’s important to borrow from the best."

Have you ever worked with anyone like Steven Toast?
Matt says: "I’ve always worked with Steven Toast’s in one form or other."

You’ve done a lot of voiceover work in your career. Did you get much feedback or comments from those in the voiceover industry?
Matt says: "Those in that industry always assume that I’ve been inspired by a third party within the business and not themselves. Which can also be said of the actors whom Toast is based on."

Finally, how would you describe Toast to those who have not seen the show before?
Matt says: "It’s a comedy series. Might be for you, might not. Not much I can do."

Can Steven Toast hit the Hollywood big time?

Can Steven Toast hit the Hollywood big time? Here he is in episode 5 called Death Valley. (Image credit: BBC)

'Toast Of Tinseltown' episode guide

All the below Toast Of Tinseltown episodes will be available on BBCiPlayer from 10.30pm on January 4 2022.

Episode 1: Anger Man
Toast is becoming increasingly angry, and everyone has noticed. There is no chance of landing a big movie audition when he is in this state. Toast needs anger management therapy.

Episode 2: LA Story
Toast gets offered his first part in a major Hollywood film, but can he get through the increasingly bizarre auditions?

Episode 3: The Scorecard
Russ is far from pleased that Toast is going on a date with glamorous sexologist, Shepherd Gerbil, but Toast is smitten despite her rather clinical lovemaking.

Episode 4: Doctor Grainger
After attending a 'doctor acting' masterclass by Richard Chickentoss, Toast lands the role of a doctor in a successful hospital soap alongside Latina singing sensation, Carmen (see picture below).

Episode 5: Death Valley
Toast has been signed up to star in a Western. However, after a very bumpy trailer ride Toast finds himself marooned in the desert and no sign of anybody else from the crew.

Episode 6: Monster Mash
Toast is looking forward to being on the set of the new Star Wars movie but things soon become complicated when he is kidnapped by two inept criminals.

Toast does Carmen in episode 4 called Doctor Grainger.

(Image credit: BBC)

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