Home and Away’s Jacqui Purvis teases secrets of new band Lyrik!

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and Tane (Ethan Browne) watch Lyrik in Home and Away
Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is 'stoked' that Lyrik's gig at Salt is going down a storm! (Image credit: Channel 5)

Home and Away star Jacqui Purvis has spilled all the goss on Lyrik, the Summer Bay newcomers that are set to rock Felicity ‘Flick’ Newman’s world — quite literally!

After returning from a business trip to the city, Felicity's delighted when her musician friends Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), Bob (Rob Mallet), Remi (Adam Rowland) and Kirby (Angelina Thomson) follow her to the bay

But boyfriend Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) is a bit confused about why there’s a band doing a concert on his front lawn!

“Tane is a little bit shocked and doesn’t quite understand what’s happening!” Home and Away star Jacqui laughed.

“He’s a little bit guarded and a bit unsure at the start. But Flick is just Flick and having the time of her life and wants everyone to move in with her.

“Tane is a bit like, ‘Maybe not! Let’s just calm down for a second,’ so she has to do a bit of steering things in her direction, as usual. She’s very persuasive!”

Lyrik on stage in Salt

Eden, Kirby, Bob and Remi take to the stage in Salt as Lyrik. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Felicity convinces the band to stay after coming up with the risky new idea of relaunching Salt with a regular band night. 

She knows a lot is at stake now she’s a co-owner with restaurant founder Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) after Mac faced near collapse from a mountain of debt.

Despite control freak Mac’s initial scepticism, she agrees to let Felicity give it a go and they’re soon putting up posters all over town.

The ever-enthusiastic Felicity is anxious for it to be a success but it’s also a chance for her to spend some time with her best buddy Eden.

“Felicity used to work in a club where the band played and after work they’d have drinks and chill and hang out, so they’ve known each other for a few years,” explained Jacqui.

“Her and Eden are really good friends. They become really, really close during those days. Then the band went on tour for a little bit so she hadn’t been in contact with them.

“She’s always loved Eden and she’d do anything for her.”

Eden is happy to see Cash Newman

Eden seems more than a little happy to see Felicity's brother Cash! (Image credit: Channel 5)

After a few niggles including a minor hissy fit from Lyrik’s frontman Bob, who feels he’s too big a star to be doing a free gig in a small town, the night is a huge success.

But Felicity's delight soon turns to stunned surprise when she makes a huge discovery…

After spotting Eden leaping off stage to embrace her brother Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) it becomes clear that they've been more than friends. In fact, Felicity finds out that they pair once had a steamy fling!

“It’s news to Flick! She confronts Eden about it and then Eden, of course, tells her about it and she’s like, ‘What?’” Jacqui revealed.

“It’s definitely shocking to her and will add a bit of tension. A friendship is honesty, so why would she not tell her?”

Summer Bay hasn’t had any regular musical talent on display since singer Phoebe Nicholson, so Jacqui insists that Lyrik are a very welcome addition. 

“We’ll definitely hear the band play and there might be some new musicians in there as well that you’re yet to find out about so stay tuned!” Jacqui teased.

“I was stoked when I heard that there was going to be a band. Some free concerts!

“There’s so much talent on our show and people who can sing, so why not use that.

“I think it’s going to be so entertaining, so fun! That’s what we need at the moment. To be chilling out, having some fun and being entertained by talented people.”

The Lyrik band members — who are all musicians in real life — aren’t the only talent in the Home and Away cast, of course. 

Matt Evans, who plays mechanic apprentice Theo Poulos, was a contestant on Australia’s version of The Voice.

Could Lyrik find themselves with a new band member?

“Who knows? I hope so,” shared Jacqui. 

“It would be cool to see them all together so Matt can show off his amazing voice.”

Jacqui knows better than most about Matt’s singing talents, as the co-stars are currently sharing a house together! Has some of his musical interests rubbed off on her?

“Yes, we’re housemates! We get along so well and it’s so easy, so we love it,” confirmed Jacqui.

“I do play guitar a fair bit and sing a bit but it’s literally only for myself and no one else. I’m not showing anyone, because I’m definitely not up to the standard of Matt!”

Home and Away airs weekdays at 1:15 pm on Channel 5 and 6:00 pm on 5Star followed by a 'first look' episode on 5Star at 6:30 pm.