'Love Is Blind' season 2 reunion: the big questions we want answered

Natalie, Deepti, Shaina sitting at reunion.
Love is Blind season 2 reunion (Image credit: Netlix)

After three weeks of binging Love is Blind season 2 on Netflix, viewers are finally going to be able to watch how this experiment in love turned out for the cast after the show wrapped. A special Love is Blind reunion premiers on the streaming service on March 4.

Although the final episode ended with only two of the five couples deciding to get married, many fans were still left wanting to know what happened next. While there are a host of things they are asking, there are four questions in particular that seem to be stuck in their minds (in case you were wondering, we already got an answer on the deal with all the gold wine glasses).

What happened with Shayne, Natalie and Shaina?

Natalie frowning at Love is Blind season 2 reunion

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Almost instantly into the second season of Love is Blind, a love triangle formed between contestants Natalie Lee, Shayne Johnson and Shaina Hurley. While Johnson initially wavered between the two women, he ultimately chose to propose to Lee (wonder if fans went through with their threat to cancel their Netflix subscriptions). 

However, the announced proposal didn’t quiet the feelings Hurley had for Johnson, and she ultimately decided to bare her heart to him. Unfortunately for her, it was too late.

With Johnson's refusal to null and void his engagement upon hearing Hurley’s romantic confession, viewers thought that was the end of the triangle. But then came the revelation that Hurley offered to hook Lee up with someone else “if” things didn’t work out with Johnson, while Lee and Johnson were still engaged. Add the fact Hurley accused Lee’s relationship with Johnson of being “fake” and one can only imagine the tension that existed between these two ladies. 

Now did such tension lead to a reunion tiff? Perhaps. It should be noted that in recent days — through some Instagram digging — it seems like Lee and Hurley have been able to make amends. But it’s not clear if the peace between the two was brokered at the reunion.

By the way, now that Netflix has released a snippet from the reunion, it's interesting to see that Lee and Johnson appear to be at odds over why their relationship didn't work and who should take accountability for that. (And paying really close attention to the clip, one would notice Danielle and Nick appear to be sitting mighty close to each other on the couch. But that will be addressed later.)

Did Sal’s ex-girlfriend impact his decision not to marry Mallory?

Sal and Mallory Love is Blind Season 2

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Mallory Zapata and Salvador (Sal) Perez were also caught in their own love triangle, of sorts, with a fellow contestant whose name rhymes with ferret (Jarrette). However, the couple seemed to be able to move past that into a happier place. That was until the audience found out that a woman Perez was dating, prior to his stint on Love is Blind, showed up at the home of his sister, upset by the news of Perez’s engagement. 

The engaged couple seemingly was able to move past this hiccup, with Perez claiming his entanglement with the other woman was over and that he was fully committed to Zapata. But then came the wedding day and he wasn’t able to say “I do.” Given he didn’t ultimately marry the woman he serenaded with a thousand songs, one can’t help but wonder if Perez had lingering feelings for his pre-Love is Blind connection. Did those feelings prevent him from committing to his fiancé? 

While fans may have to wait until the reunion special to hear Perez explain his frame of mind on the wedding day, recently he shared things between him and the other woman entered a bit of a toxic zone at some point.

Are Deepti and Shake still together? What will Deepti say about Shake saying he wasn’t attracted to her?

Shane and Deepti Love is Blind season 2

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In a stroke of irony, Love is Blind fan-favorite Deepti Vempati managed to find herself engaged to a cast member most viewers of the show could never seem to rally behind, Abhishek (Shake) Chatterjee. From the beginning of the season, fans weren’t shy about expressing their discontent with Chatterjee's self-confessed focus on physical appearances (perhaps he was unaware of the show's title when he entered the pods). 

Their discontent was only fueled by his constant need to tell everyone who would listen that he wasn’t physically attracted to his fiancée. Everyone that is, with the exception of his fiancée. And because Vempati wasn’t privy to the confessional footage of the show, she was in the dark about the fact her would-be husband said “being with her is like being with my aunt.” 

Now that the episodes have aired and Vempati has had a chance to see what Chatterjee was saying about her, it doesn’t appear that she’s holding back. In a recent Buzzfeed interview she states:

 “...To watch it back and see how he did it. It was kind of like, 'Oh, look at me, I'm this cool dude that's just gonna talk shit about you to my friends.' You don't talk about somebody who is your fiancée, let alone a best friend or even just a real friend, that way." 

Sounds like there is a very good chance Vempati will address Shake head-on at the reunion, and that they are not together. 

Did the married couples from 'Love is Blind' season 2 make it? Are Nick and Danielle still together? 

Jarrette and Iyana love is blind

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After the hours spent watching Love is Blind season 2, fans of the show feel as if they have a vested interest in the marriages of the couples that did say “I do,” Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson, and Iyana McNeely and Jarrette Jones.

Danielle and Nick are particularly interesting in that they frequently argued after they got engaged. And while they shared a few things in common, they seemed for the most part to be complete opposites. Do they prove the old adage true, opposites attract? Or do they perhaps prove that opposites attract but don't stay together? 

Danielle Ruhl and NIck Thompson Love is Blind wedding

(Image credit: Netflix)

If the reunion clip above is any indication of their current status, it's safe to assume the couple is still very much together. You don't have to be an expert in body language to see the two are in love. 

Are Jarrette and Iyanna still together?

As for the season 2 “prom” king and queen, Jarrette Jones and Iyana McNeely, they’ve done some things on social media that to most people signal they are still together. Not only does the couple follow one another on Instagram, but Jarrette and Iyana recently co-published a video on the platform documenting their love journey on the show, even pairing the video with Jvke’s song “This Is What Falling in Love Feels Like.” Either the couple is happily married or just toying with fans’ emotions. Only time and the upcoming reunion special will tell.  

The Love is Blind season 2 reunion streams exclusively on Netflix, March 4.   

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