Love Is Blind season 2: release date, cast, premise, trailer, and everything we know

'Love Is Blind' season 2 pods
'Love Is Blind' season 2 sees the contestants chat to each other through pods. (Image credit: Netflix)

Love Is Blind season 2 is yet another whacky and unorthodox dating series returning to our screens, so if you’re a fan of Married At First Sight, Love Island and 90 Day Fiancé then this may be the reality TV fix you need.

The programme has a peculiar format, where hopefully romantics enter soundproof “pods” where they then chat and date other singles without ever seeing them. As the contestants talk to their potential partner through a wall, all they have to go off is their conversation and voice. 

After a certain amount of time, the remaining couples still interested in carrying on with the experiment have the choice to get engaged, go on a honeymoon-type vacation, live together, and then get married — that's if they survive!

The first series saw two success stories come out of the show, with couples Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton and Amber Pike and Matt Barnett still happily together today. Let’s hope we’ll see some more couples find love in this upcoming series.

Here’s everything we know about Love Is Blind season 2…

'Love Is Blind' season 2 release date

Love Is Blind season 2 will be available to watch from Friday Feb. 11 on Netflix in both the US and UK.

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'Love Is Blind' season 2 cast 

You can meet the cast in the video below. Although only a small number of these contestants will be featured in the show, we will be focusing on some interesting couples that are bound to bring the drama as the programme progresses. 

Hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey will also return to the show, whose love story relates to the style of Love Is Blind. 

Talking to, Vanessa revealed that the couple were excited for the show because it related to their own love story and how her relationship started with Nick. 

"We talked for probably our first full year of dating, just on the phone. It was before FaceTime. Like, this was a full-on lay in bed, talk on the phone, texting," she said.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey

Nick and Vanessa Lachey return as hosts (Image credit: Netflix)

What happens in 'Love Is Blind' season 2? 

While the optimistic singles chat through the walls of the pods, they live on-set with the other participants, separated by gender. Meanwhile, their cell phones are taken away so there are no distractions.

After about 10 days, the leftover couples still interested in pursuing each other will get engaged. If both people in the couple agree to the coupling, they then meet each other for the very first time before jetting off to a honeymoon-style vacation in Mexico.

After the honeymoon, they return home where they live together for four weeks and meet their family and friends. This is then followed by the wedding, where each person will choose if they want to carry on and be with each other, proving whether love is truly blind.

Love Is Blind season 2- man holding a ring

Is love truly blind? (Image credit: Netflix)

Is there a trailer? 

You can watch a teaser below, hinting at what’s to come for some of the couple’s emotional relationship journeys. 

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