Hollyoaks' two 'Lisa Lovedays' preview the climactic on-screen meeting

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Expect fireworks when the real Lisa Loveday arrives in Hollyoaks and clashes with 'fake’ Lisa, Sonia Albright!  Rachel Adedji (above left) and Kiza Deen explain all to Soaplife…


The Lovedays are overjoyed when the real Lisa shows up. But, for Sonia (Kiza Deen), it spells trouble, as Lisa isn’t too happy about having her life stolen.

Sonia must have dreaded this day…

“She has. And now the real Lisa doesn’t want Sonia anywhere near her family, her house or the village. She’s terrified she won’t be part of the Loveday family any more. She’s never experienced this kind of family unit before and, of course, she didn’t anticipate falling for Zack [Duayne Boachie]. The Lovedays have been so good to her. They’ve helped her set up the business, they fed her, clothed her and loved her. She has a lot to lose.”

Tell us about the moment Sonia first sees Lisa…

“She bumps into her on the Dog patio. They were friends as teenagers and Lisa recognises Sonia instantly. She’s like ‘What are you doing here? Did you know my family are here, too?’ Sonia knows it’s bite the bullet time.”

What would be the best-case scenario for Sonia?

“She’d like them all to forgive her. She wants to believe her love for Zack is so strong that it can overcome this. But what she did was awful. Not only did she impersonate Lisa, she also told Zack she was dead.”

Does Lisa forgive Sonia?

"No. She’s absolutely furious and the viewers have got some really exciting scenes coming up. She really gives it to Sonia!”

Lisa listens as Sonia tries to explain how and why she stole her identity



So, Lisa was snatched by Margaret, who was sharing a flat with Joanne (Rachel Leskovac), who was having an affair with Lisa’s dad, Louis (Karl Collins)…What happened next?

“Margaret told Lisa her real parents died in a crash. She had a great life because Margaret spoiled her. She hasn’t had to study or get a job because Margaret smothered her. She’s led quite a sheltered life because Margaret didn’t want her to go out and be identified as Lisa Loveday.” 

How does she react when she discovers the truth?

“There are so many mixed emotions. It’s not until she meets her parents she realises they were alive all along. Then she’s angry knowing her parents were out there all the time and didn’t come and find her. Plus she’s upset that Sonia, who had the locket her mother Simone [Jacqueline Boatswain) gave her, used it to fabricate this lie. She doesn’t want to believe Margaret snatched her because she sees her as her mum. However, once Margaret is charged, she has no choice but to go back to her family.”

Does she settle in with the family?

“There are moments when the Lovedays think life was much easier with Sonia! They think Lisa’s a bit of a headache. But, even so, they could never accept Sonia as part of the family again after what she did. Lisa wants to get to know her parents and she helps out at Price Slice to get into Simone’s good books. She doesn’t do much to be honest. She just stands there with her boobs out.”

How does Lisa feel about Sonia seeing Zack?

“She doesn’t want Sonia in the picture at all. She’s booted her out and said ‘I’m the daughter now!’ She expects her to disappear. She’s quite feisty and I feel a bit sorry for Sonia. There are no limits as far as Lisa is concerned. The scenes between them are intense and in-between takes I’m always apologising for being so nasty to Kiza.”

Hollyoaks, Channel 4